Experience our diverse, unique unzoo habitats

Unlike most traditional zoos, our Unzoo embraces natural habitat wherever possible.

We’ve removed our boundary fences so the natural landscape has become part of our Unzoo environment. Our diverse plants and landscapes provide habitat for our resident and wild fauna—from the heritage fruit trees in Pear Alley to the ferns and aquatic vegetation around our stream; from tall eucalypt forest, native bushland and regrowth eucalypts, to our wet grassland areas and the natural estuarine marshland of Norfolk Bay.

Visit our four devil habitats—the Devil Den, inside-out You-Zoo, Farm Yard, and Fern Forest—to see Tasmanian devils up close, and learn about this extraordinary and endangered marsupial. Explore our free-range kangaroo field, endemic eucalypt collection and the Old Hay Paddock, where wallabies and native hens forage. The surrounding bush also attracts a host of native animals including antechinuses, eastern barred and brown bandicoots and potoroos. Many of these creatures are nocturnal, but we’ll give you an insight into their after-dark exploits with images captured by our night vision cameras.