Come face-to-face with Tasmanian Devil Unzoo’s incredible Tasmanian wildlife

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo is a native botanic garden and habitat that is home to extraordinary animals and birds found nowhere else on earth.

Meet our residents

Come face-to-face with our resident Tasmanian devils in four unique habitat areas, and have a nose-to-nose encounter with a devil in our innovative Devil Den. See brushtail possums, hand feed our gentle wallabies, kangaroos and pademelons as you wander over two kilometres of nature trails, using our self-guided map and bird and animal checklists.

You can also join our guides at one of our regular devil feeding presentations. Experience a close encounter with native birdlife in our Birds of the Bush presentation—Tasmania’s only flight show—and discover the extraordinary intelligence of cheeky galahs, brilliant eastern rosellas, corellas and the incredible, camouflaged tawny frogmouths. You’ll also have the chance to hand feed wild parrots and honeyeaters during our guided bird feeding encounters.

Meet our visitors

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo has no formal boundaries, so as you explore our Tasmanian Native Botanic Garden, you may also encounter our visiting wildlife. Keep watch for foraging echidnas, bandicoots, wombats or the elusive antechinus as you walk, and discover the stories of dozens of native Tasmanian plants along the way.

Our birds are special too. We have identified nearly 100 species (about 10 per cent of Australia’s bird species) on the property. Use our bird checklist to identify tiny scarlet robins and blue wrens, majestic wedge-tailed eagles, beautiful fire-tail finches and threatened species like swift parrots and rare honeyeaters. Our trails will lead you to the Norfolk Bay Waterfront viewing platform, where you can use binoculars to spot wild water birds, including sea eagles, pelicans and egrets, terns, black swans and gulls.

At our freshwater stream, you may spot native Tasmanian galaxia fish, freshwater lobsters (also known as yabbies), eels and lampreys. Join in the feeding at our Fern Forest presentations.

Around the Unzoo we have installed dozens of nesting boxes for local birds and possums. Our ring-tailed possum nest-cam enables you to experience a rare insight into the private world of these shy, nocturnal marsupials.

Take time to wander

Visit our reception area to collect your self-guided Unzoo map and bird and plant checklists, and our Let’s do the Unzoo adventure guide and questionnaire, designed especially for our younger visitors. Then, take your time to explore two kilometres of trails through the Tasmanian Native Botanic Garden and discover Tasmanian Devil Unzoo for yourself.

While you’re wandering, don’t miss our daily tours and presentations, led by our passionate nature guides.